Blue Iris eVigils

Blue Iris eVigils is a cloud-based communication service available on the iPhone and via a web-browser that is designed to address the security and efficiency shortcomings of e-mail and texting. It is a multi-functional application that delivers critical messages—with attachments (E.g. lab results, imaging files, pictures)—to a private and secure network of medical staff, consultants and patients.

Unlike informational messages, eVigils delivers actionable, critical messages that cannot be forgotten or lost, and require a fast response from recipients. Additionally, these messages are feedback aware: this means everybody involved in a particular communication is instantaneous aware of the status of each message, including if it was read, resolved, reassigned or postponed to be resolved at a later time.

Benefits of Using eVigils in Your Practice:

  • Simple to use, dedicated messaging application that is optimized for collaborative communication
  • User and group based assignment for effective workflows
  • Actionable messaging optimizes resolution of critical work
  • Feedback aware means never questioning the status of an activity
  • Provides communication across medical centers, clinics and private practices
  • All communications are documented and archived, resulting in improved malpractice protection and billing
  • Designed to be integrated with any EMR/EHR for access to patient information
  • Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application—requires no significant IT involvement for deployment or support

eVigils Security and Compliance

  • All messages are HIPAA and Joint Commission Secureand available from a Class III (ANSI/TIA-942) Data Center.
  • Data is never stored on a personal or mobile device.
  • All communication traffic is encrypted using modern SSL technology.
  • Users of the eVigils application communicate only with individuals who have been invited to be part of a collaborative group.

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