Blue Iris eLaborate

In addition to our iSaaS cloud-based integration services, Blue Iris provides two applications maintained and served from our Class III data center: Blue Iris eLaborate and Blue Iris eVigils.

Blue Iris eLaborate is a web portal that enables physicians, nurses, phlebotomists and lab staff to enter orders and receive results from hospital Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), or from independent clinical laboratories.  Blue Iris eLaborate is used by nursing homes, hospitals, independent clinics and private clinical practices that do not have an EHR.

Electronic Ordering Made Easy

Blue Iris eLaborate lets you create and place laboratory orders quickly and easily—from anywhere you have internet access—with an intuitive and easy-to-use ordering process. Results are delivered to the physician’s office the moment they are available. Even partial results are delivered helping speed up the time from test results to care delivery.

Blue Iris eLaborate Features Include

  • Allows customization of its easy-to-read screens
  • Notifies users with built-in alerts and messaging
  • Provides screen-specific online help
  • Automates medical necessity compliance
  • Customizes organizational requisitions
  • Automates integration of patient demographics
  • Enables One-click cumulative results reporting graphing
  • Enables automatic printing of bar-coded specimen labels
  • Provides secure Internet connections and encryption of data
  • Automates the delivery of images, transcriptions, X-rays, AP reports, etc.
  • Integrates seamlessly with current HIS/LIS systems
  • Enables standing-order scheduling for long-term care scenarios
  • Automatically updates compliance-checking with NCD’s and LCD’s
  • Creates manifests for specimen tracking