Integration. Communication. Collaboration.

From EMR integration to a secure mobile messaging application, our products are designed to optimize and enhance the flow of information between clinicians. For over 25 years we have dedicated ourselves to developing a robust information sharing platform that is today enabling physicians, nurses, patients and extended care teams to effectively communicate and collaborate. Among our goals—help reduce one of the most acknowledged preventable causes of clinical error: Communication failures. Count on us to deliver cloud-based applications and solutions grounded in your clinical workflow.

Blue Iris eVigils

Blue Iris eVigils is a cloud-based communication service available on the iPhone and via a web-browser that is designed to address the security and efficiency shortcomings of e-mail and texting. It is a multi-functional application that delivers critical messages—with attachments (E.g. lab results, imaging files, pictures)—to a private and secure network of medical staff, consultants and patients.

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Blue Iris iSaaS

Cloud–Based Integration Solutions for Healthcare

Ignore the Cloud as a part of your intergration strategy and you are ignoring one of the biggest technology shifts happening right now in healthcare. Cloud-based integration solutions are helping many forward thinking organizations plan for growth and scalability.

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Blue Iris Elaborate

In addition to our iSaaS cloud-based integration services, Blue Iris provides two applications maintained and served from our Class III data center: Blue Iris eLaborate and Blue Iris eVigils.

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