Blue Iris eLaborate Success Story

Client: Collaborative Laboratory Services LLC at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut is a clinical laboratory providing clinical and anatomic pathology services for hospital inpatients, 20 outreach service centers, over 50 nursing homes and extending reference laboratory services to several surrounding hospitals in the greater Hartford area.

Current Products in Use:

  • Blue Iris iSaaS to integrate multiple client EMRs with Sunquest Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Freedom Imaging Systems (document management)
  • Blue Iris eLaborate Web Portal for electronic lab order entry and results display

Initial Client Need and Requirements

Collaborative Laboratory Services product requirements included:

  • Integration of multiple client/provider EMRs with one feed of information from the laboratory Information System (LIS) to the integration engine
  • A cloud-based solution that managed storage, support and maintenance
  • Delivery of laboratory results to multiple EMRs
  • Interfaces that can send orders from EMRs directly into a Sunquest LIS

Vendors Involved in the Initial Review Process

Kathleen Luczyk, Chief Operating Officer and Maria McGuire, Laboratory Information Systems Manager for Collaborative Laboratory Services along with their management team reviewed products from Blue Iris  and four other industry providers.

The Vendor Review Process

Ms. McGuire described the vendor review process as follows:

“During the product review process, we gave each vendor detailed information about how our organization needs to manage information. We were looking for a solution that fit with our complex business rules for registration and billing. Therefore, if a product could not file results in the HIS with a unique patient identifier, the project was not a go. Or, if a product didn’t work with our billing system and required us to buy a totally different application that disrupted our current business workflow, the project was not a go. We also had to keep our clients’ needs in mind. We were looking for a solution that could handle very complex filtering criteria and provide all the benefits of complete lab order integration from the EMR. This would make all results available in the Hospital Information System, which would provide the attending physician with full access to all laboratory and pathology results during the patient’s hospital stay. We wanted all data to reside in one system, with only one unique patient identifier.

As important as the capabilities and features of the various products under review were, we also knew that the working relationship with the new vendor would be critical. We needed to feel confident in their support and ability to make data available at the highest service level. Ultimately, we need to know they would be as committed to our clients’ needs as we are.”

Expertise and Agility Ensures Success

Ms. McGuire describes her success with Blue Iris iSaaS and eLaborate as follows:

“With Blue Iris, I feel I have right balance between a vendor that has the expertise and resources to help me deal with the challenges I face, and a solution that is flexible enough to allow me as an administrator to manage certain aspects of the system on my own.

The Blue Iris team is very good at listening to our evolving requirements, and has the right expertise and flexibility to meet our clients’ needs. Together, we have been able to do wonders. We have been able to develop customized solutions very quickly. Projects that normally would have taken over a year, we have completed in months. Custom programming that might have taken months, we have completed in weeks. This is due, in part, to the incredible HL7 programming expertise the Blue Iris team brings. Using one cloud-based integration engine, we have been able to maintain and support many unique interfaces for all our clients’ EMRs.”

Kim Moras, Outreach & Marketing Manager says, “The Blue Iris system has kept Collaborative Laboratory Services at the forefront of the outreach service for providers in Connecticut. By providing real time results to our customers we have dramatically improved our results delivery time. Our customers rave about the eLaborate web portal. Once they have used it, they cannot do without it.”

Systems Integrated by Blue Iris iSaaS

With its cloud-based iSaaS integration solution, the Blue Iris professional services team has developed interfaces with the follow


  • Allscripts
  • NextGen
  • GE Centricity
  • Origin-care solutions
  • SigmaCare
  • Vitera
  • Emdeon


  • Sunquest

Document Management System:

  • Freedom Imaging Systems

During 2013 Collaborative Laboratory Services is planning to add interfaces to integrate with SigmaCare and Sage EMRs.