Blue Iris eLaborate Details

Medical Necessity Checking

Medical necessity compliance checking is an essential part of the lab ordering process. Blue Iris eLaborate makes stand-alone or automatic medical necessity checking and compliance an easy part of that process. All orders can be checked for compliance before they are completed, allowing the physician or office staff the ability to correct any errors at the point of entry. Advanced Beneficiary Notice’s (ABN) can even be printed for patient signature before the patient leaves the clinic. This feature alone improves outreach programs profitability by reducing costly reimbursement denials.

Extensive Customization

For those facilities that need that extra level of customization, Blue Iris eLaborate provides extensive customization capabilities. From simply adding your organization’s logos to customizing what users see, we can modify the system to meet your business and workflow needs.

Blue Iris Elaborate Provides an Extensive Set of Benefit For Healthcare Providers

  • Displays results immediately
  • Highlights abnormal results for quick identification
  • Enables users to customize what types of results they see
  • Produces lab orders online quickly and easily
  • Provides secure access to critical clinical information, when and where it’s needed
  • Prints specimen labels automatically along with daily manifests for tests ordered
  • Verifies medical necessity compliance and provides up-front ABN notification
  • Facilitates processing of questions and answers for each procedure, eliminating time-consuming call-backs from the lab
  • Imports results directly into physician office EMR
  • Accesses online test directory information such as specimen types and transport temperatures
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