How Will You Connect When Your Systems Are Varied and Complex?

By 2014, approximately 50% of all physicians will have an EMR that will need to be integrated with a hospital information system. With 600 EMR products on the market, will your hospital IT staff be prepared to take on the demands and challenges of integration?

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Tightening the Communications Loop

eVigils by Blue Iris is a private, closed loop, secure communication service designed to address the shortcomings of e-mail and texting as applied to the collaborative nature of healthcare. eVigils will dramatically increases the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of any medical practice, and will help enhance the quality of patient care.

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The Ins and Outs of Laboratory Outreach

Blue Iris eLaborate takes the challenge out of connecting physician offices to a hospital’s laboratory outreach program. Built with a highly flexible and proven integration engine, eLaborate connects physician's offices to most laboratory systems.

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